Cultivate balance amidst the tranquil rice fields of beautiful Bali. A perfect midseason retreat! Enjoy an authentic Indonesian resting place as you dive deeply into a transformational yoga experience.  Featuring vinyasa, yin and restorative yoga – allow yourself to be energized and rejuvenated through a varied physical practice coupled with energetic body work. Support your body further by indulging in delicious and organic fresh food. Our retreat is located in Canngu, just minutes away from the ocean and a short drive to one of Bali’s most popular surfing areas. Spend your free time embracing the magical energy of the island and finish your days with our inward journeys of reflection. Prepare your body for the shift in season as Jackie, Julia and Matt support your journey into finding the balance between effort and ease on and off the mat. Join us as you treat your self to the most important gift – a restored soul!